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After-sales Service

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1. Pre-sales consultation

Telephone service -- the process of customer service staff and sales representatives providing consultation and explanation to customers by telephone.

Sales services - a comprehensive contact process (including routine visits, customer requirements, detailed product information, product samples, preliminary product quotes, preliminary solution recommendations, etc.) followed by external sales staff.

Technical services - the process of the project engineer providing the solution as required by the customer (including the feasibility study of the customer request, the formulation of the customer request solution, the adjustment and modification of the solution according to the latest customer request, and the confirmation of the final technical solution).

Reception service - a process whereby the company's receptionist guides customers to visit the company and deepens their impressions of the products and the company.

2. In-sale support

Technical services - on-site installation services provided by technical installers (project managers, project supervisors, project engineers and installation technicians).

Sales service - the process of further communication between foreign sales staff and customers after signing the contract.

Reception services - customers who have signed a contract, sometimes due to business needs to visit the company again when the reception process, so that customers have a deeper impression of the product and the company.

3. After-sales value-added

The service process conducted by the after-sales service personnel

Return after sales call

After sales call

Inform the customer of the latest development of the product

Survey and return visit of customer satisfaction

Improve the implementation process of customer feedback

The process of solving difficult problems in the process of using the product