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Location:Home > Industry news > Industry Information > Matters needing attention for multi-function power meter
Matters needing attention for multi-function power meter
Time:2018-10-29 13:44:50      hit count:133

1. The meter should be energized for 15 minutes before use.

2. Avoid vibration and shock. Do not use in places with excessive dust and harmful gas.

3. The input wire shall not be too long. If the input end of the measured signal is longer, please try the double-stranded shield wire.

4. If the signal is accompanied by high-frequency interference, the low-frequency filter should be tested online.

5. Please have electricity for no less than 4 hours every three months for long time storage.

6. Screw the current terminals in the CT loop must be tightened to ensure the inlet/outlet contact is reliable, so as to avoid failure.

7. If the instrument is to be calibrated, the calibration instrument should be better than 0.1 level to ensure the accuracy.

6, long-term preservation should avoid direct light, should be stored in a temperature - 25 ° C ~ 55 ° C.

8. If the meter is not displayed, check the auxiliary power supply first and see if the voltage is within the range.

9. If the display is abnormal, check whether the input signal is normal and whether the signal terminals are tightened.

10. Unless PT has sufficient power, PT signal cannot be used as auxiliary power to ensure the instrument to work normally.

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