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Location:Home > Industry news > Company News > The temperature and humidity controller operates at high temperature
The temperature and humidity controller operates at high temperature
Time:2018-10-29 13:51:35      hit count:129

The regulating application of temperature and humidity controllers is mainly based on people's more professional and comprehensive understanding of temperature and humidity controllers. After previous sharing, they have gained a general understanding of the relevant knowledge of the dots, and continue to introduce the operation status of temperature and humidity controllers in the high-temperature environment.

In general, such temperature and humidity controllers are mainly suitable for areas with higher temperatures, such as ceramic manufacturing processing, leather garment manufacturing, leather processing, distillery fermentation and food processing. In addition, the current plant planting aspect also includes this kind of temperature and humidity sensor into the common list, such as mushroom house mushroom culture. In addition, some special high-temperature fields have higher requirements on their temperature, and the highest requirements are the humidity measurement of the brick kiln flue, high temperature drying and other aspects.

For digital temperature controllers and humidity controllers with advanced single chip processor as the core, adopting imported high temperature and humidity sensor, the temperature and humidity signal is measured at the same time control, and implement the LCD digital display, but also through the buttons for temperature, humidity, respectively, the lower limit setting and display, can according to the site situation so that the high temperature environment, automatic start fan or heater, the environment to be measured the actual temperature and humidity automatic adjustment.

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