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Location:Home > Industry news > Common Problem > Three factors that affect the accuracy of multifunctional power meter
Three factors that affect the accuracy of multifunctional power meter
Time:2018-10-29 13:55:30      hit count:149

The three factors affecting the accuracy of multi-function power meters are:

Correct connection voltage and current:

The first step is to make sure that the correct voltage and current signals are connected to the meter, that the voltage signal can be measured using a multimeter, and that the current signal can be measured using a clamp when necessary.

Voltage current transformer multiplier:

When using the display instrument, it is necessary to note that the electric quantity displayed by the instrument is the primary grid value. If the voltage current transformer set in the table is not in line with the actual current transformer, the display of the electric quantity of the instrument will be inaccurate. The range of voltage and current in the meter is not allowed to be modified after delivery, otherwise it will lead to wrong display information.

Connection of signal line:

Second, make sure the connection of the signal line is correct, such as the incoming line, and whether the phase sequence is wrong.

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