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Talent Concept

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The center looks for people's view -- "ability doctrine" rather than "academic doctrine"

Capable and responsible employees are excellent employees, while competent and irresponsible employees are unqualified employees.

The concept of human use in the center -- "suitable for post energy"

A post is fit for its ability and a person is fit for its position. Each position chooses the most suitable person, each person can find the most suitable post in the center.

The concept of central education -- "building the foundation of character and building capacity"

Character is the precondition to measure talents. The deeper character cultivation, the higher ability cultivation and exertion. In the human resource development of the center, character and ability are valuable resources of the enterprise.

Central jin people's view -- "performance plus potential, character plus talent"

Outstanding performance is the basis for promotion, and so is an individual's potential for growth relative to his future position. No performance without promotion; There is no potential for development and no promotion, which is consistent with the center's "use of human beings". At the same time, character and talent are also necessary for talent promotion.

Center to retain people -- "career retention, treatment retention, emotional retention"

Value the embodiment of employee's personal value. Let everybody work for the center while, individual career achievement, material life is greatly improved, build a big family that has the emotion, make everybody care for each other under the infection of the warmth in the home, support each other, improve together.